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Benjamin Brackenbridge by Ibkiz Benjamin Brackenbridge by Ibkiz
I tried again.. this time I drew Benjamin Brackenbridge from Altalamatox here on deviantart.

The Painting I used is called smoke and snow

Of cause it's not as beautyful like Altas pic. But I really tried.
I don't want to colour it, cause I'm affraid, that it's much worse than like now....

And.. I hate hairs... narf... if someone has tips for me to draw hairs.. give them to me. I would be very happy about tips ;)

Sorry for the quality but i have no tablet. I hope I get my job next year.. thaaannnn... i buy one.
But for now my iphone has to play scanner ;)

I just took pics from the progress of draw. If someone wants to see them.. just call me :)
Altalamatox Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011
Ha ha! :D Dude, that is definitely Ben, good work, you! :hug: Aw, I forgot how sad I made him look in that painting, you did a great job capturing that same downcast expression here.

Hair is the very devil, isn't it? One bit of advice I could offer you is to think of hair as big solid shapes instead of lots of little strands. What I usually do is draw the outline of the hair first, so for Ben his hair is kind of boxy around his head and then turns into big curves down where it becomes wavy around his shoulders. Then I'll add smaller waves of hair within that shape. At the very end I'll draw a few little lines here and there just to suggest hair without actually having to draw all the little strands. Does that make sense?

Like if you know anyone with long hair that's been curled into ringlets, don't draw all the little hairs just draw the ringlet shapes. An exception may be for characters with short hair, like your Szanta, who I think you're doing just right. With shorter hair the individual hairs tend to stick up on their own and look a little spiky, and drawing lots of little lines to indicate this works well.

Hope that's helpful! Thanks again for giving Ben a shot, you are too cool! :)
Ibkiz Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
Really thank you for your comment. Yeah... Haie.. They're like my own. They Don't want to do like i want them to.
I'll try to draw them like you say.
It Sounds much easier.

I got a grafik Tablett on friday. I've to learn how to use ist xD
But i can say... Photoshop is funny :)
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